9 Best European Locations for Sales Jobs

9 Best European Locations for Sales Jobs

So you've made up your mind to relocate your residence to Europe and work in sales – awesome! Beyond the fact that this decision holds within it amazing experiences of living in a foreign country, speaking a different language, and exploring a new culture, this is also a great opportunity to make money – and as you probably know, sales jobs allow you to make a lot of money, when properly done, of course. So which are the most attractive European locations for jobs in sales? You're about to find out:

1.       London, England

London is one of the world's capitals of style, fashion, and design. London is the home of some of the most famous designers and fashion manufactures. Places such as Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, or Chelsea Square, are the locations of fashion shops, stores, boutiques, booths, and stands, which stimulate the senses of every person who walks by and it is the perfect place for you to hone your sales skills.

2.       Milano, Italy

It is really unnecessary to present this fine city of fashion, in which every corner screams chic, stylishness, and top modern fashion. Great designers as Dolce and Gabbana, are just one name out of the dozens Haute Couture royalty of the 21st century who live and kick in this glorious city.

3.       Lisbon, Portugal

It might come as a surprise to many of you, but Portugal is a massive clothes producer, which they not only manufacture but also market for very attractive prices. Naturally, the interesting and affordable stores are located out in the suburbs of the cities and in places where the locals tend to buy. Once you'll integrate in those areas, you will be able to enjoy a once in a lifetime, cultural sales experience.

4.       Madrid, Spain

Madrid offers in its Spanish and international boutiques a colorful and head-spinning collection of stores and wholesale manufactures who sell hundreds of casual, elegant, or sophisticated brands. All you have to do is choose what is it that you want to sell.

5.       Paris, France

The international fashion capital, which has inspired the whole world throughout history, relying on a rich tradition of avant-garde, bold, and innovative fashion design still leads haute couture proudly to this day. The two most busy locations, when it comes to life-style and fashion, are the Lafayette gallery and Haussmann's boulevards (which cover over 70,000 square meters) – that create an enormous fashion trading site where anyone who loves fashion or any salesperson, can trade all kinds of fashion.

6.       Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful, romantic, modern, and spectacular Barcelona! It is actually a paradise to any fashion lover that respect themselves and want to see and be seen, to purchase or sell fashion designs to a massive crowd and even to enjoy a football match while they're at it!

7.       Berlin, Germany

A world of shopping centered in a cosmopolitan elegant place of fashion designers, focused on young and modern fashion, alongside accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, art, literature, and interior design. If you're not there you do not exist! Well, in terms of retail sales, of course.

8.       Brussels, Belgium

Most of the shopping and selling in Brussels is about fashion and design, starting with the south side of the city which has more boutiques and exclusive designers' shops, up to the north, where they don't forget the place of the big chain stores of clothing, accessories, and shoes.

9.       Amsterdam, Holland

This is the perfect destination for tourist-shopping and salespersons who want to be a part of the fashion celebration at the city's center. Amsterdam is a city affluent with designers and fashion professionals, with whom you can make successful business, in a city that breathes fashion and chic.

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