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Lihiyot1 (to be 1) is not another cliché!


Out of the hundreds and thousands that send out resumes, only several pass the phone interview and get invited to the sorting tests. From there, only a selected few will get the chance to prove themselves at a face to face interview and only one will prevail and get the desired position.


The main goal of Lihiyot1 is to assist you in becoming that 1, through professional upgrading of your resume, thorough job interview preparation and group dynamics preparation.


We have complete faith that each and every one of you has the capacity to be that 1!


The staff at Lihiyot1 consists of handpicked professionals from diverse fields: Economics, Finances, Sales, Customer Relations, Marketing, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Political Science, Education, Translation, Editing, Spokesmanship, Human Resources, Architecture, Knowledge Management, Quality and Safety Management, Logistics, Training and Instruction, Administration and more.


These professionals, combined with our writers and coachers create the one who eventually succeeds in getting the job.

We invite you to upgrade yourself to be that desired 1.


To be 1 or not to be!

                 Customer Service: 054-2443202


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Address:18th Mordehai Rozanski Str.,"Gabriel House" A3rd  fl.  office. 7 Rishon Le Zion 7574521 TEL:97236777127

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