Writing a Resume – Overselling and Humility

Writing a Resume – Overselling and Humility

One of the most significant recommendations I can give you in regards to writing your professional resume - is never ever lie. Inaccuracies, lack of specifics, and worse than that - lies, are destined to be revealed at some point. This isn`t the purpose of it all.

I often encounter resumes which create the impression that this is a high ranking executive, but eventually found out to be a medium rank manager, at best… I have also encountered the opposite - resumes of high rank executives that left a mild impression.

Of course there are many calculations while writing a resume, such as the terrorizing expression "overqualified", a long run employment period, trying to jump to the next step, ext. Nevertheless, it is important to focus on writing a truthful resume (read the article "how to write a resume - tips, trick and shticks").

Writing and upgrading a resume, to put external calculations aside, is important to be accurate, and not too exaggerated or modest.

·         If you are not sure what to write or how to write it, try and list the responsibilities that you had within your position. Try and map out your daily routine at work and write descriptive sentences that comes from that. You can always use Google or want adds to do so.

·         Try and stick to the right descriptions of your professional or managerial rank. A chief of customer service team is probably not negotiating with international strategic suppliers.

·         Try and emphasis the recent most relevant roles and not to elaborate on a role you filled 20 years ago, although you are very proud of.

·         It is also important to avoid describing the roles in a line and a half. Don`t be too modest, or your next employer won`t understand what you did in this role, what other responsibilities you held, which projects you managed and which achievements you got.


There is no doubt that the resume`s goal is to get summoned to job interview, but the goal of the complete process is to get the right kind of job, which you are compatible for.


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